Raising Diversity & Inclusion among Julia users
2019-07-24, 15:45–17:45, Elm B

This session aims at discussing/showcasing our experience promoting diversity and inclusion in the US, Brazil, Chile and online, with the help of the Julia Computing Diversity & Inclusion Award, funded by the Sloan Foundation.

Diversity of users is fundamental for the development of an open language such as Julia. Because it is a young, but very promising programming language, the promotion of working groups that foster the spread of its usage among users from different regions, backgrounds, ages, and social contexts can shed light on bugs and potential growth because of the different perspectives brought with diversity. The Julia Computing Diversity & Inclusion Award funded five projects aimed at promoting the usage of Julia Language with different approaches, in different regions of the planet. In this session, we will share our experience in our projects, talking about how we planned, executed and evaluated the outcomes, and what we learned.

For more information about individual projects funded, see here.


Gracielle Higino, Anna Lee Harris, Elwin van’t Wout, Henri Laurie