Julia web servers deployment
2019-07-25, 11:30–11:40, Elm A

We present our experience in deploying Julia web servers in production systems. We developed a custom buildpack that facilitates deploying web servers on Heroku. It is built so that any application requires almost no special code to be deployed.

Julia web servers deployment

To deploy Julia web servers easily, we developed an open-source buildpack which is available on https://github.com/Optomatica/heroku-buildpack-julia.
It just requires Project.toml and Manifest.toml in the root of the repository to be pushed and it automatically download dependencies and make the server available on Heroku.
It also precompiles all dependencies for speedy server boot time.

We will present our experience in making this buildpack and how we optimized it so that the web server boot time is minimized. We compare its performance with having a docker instance and it outperforms having a docker image and it requires less maintenance overhead than having a docker image. This can help many Julia users deploying web servers in no time.