OmniSci.jl: Bringing the open-source, GPU-accelerated relational database to Julia
2019-07-24, 15:00–15:30, Elm A

OmniSci (formerly MapD) is an open-source relational database built from the ground-up to run on GPUs, providing millisecond query speed on multi-billion row datasets. This talk presents OmniSci.jl, the database client for OmniSci written completely in Julia and a basic demonstration of using OmniSci and Julia together, with the aim of encouraging community collaboration on GPU accelerated analytics.

For this talk, I will highlight the work-to-date in bringing the functionality of OmniSci to Julia, and how all of the work of others on packages for geospatial, decimal support, Thrift and Apache Arrow make OmniSci.jl possible. Specifically, I will discuss:

  • Why OmniSci and Julia are a great fit (performance, LLVM)
  • Connecting to OmniSci from Julia
  • Performing basic queries in millisecond speed
  • Future work towards end-to-end analytics on the GPU in Julia