Keynote: Arch D. Robison
2019-07-24, 13:30–14:15, NS Room 130

Arch D. Robison is a Principal Systems Software Engineer at NVIDIA, where he works
on TensorRT, NVIDIA's platform for high-performance
deep-learning inference. He was the lead developer for KAI C++, the original architect of Intel
Threading Building Blocks, and one of the authors of the book Structured Parallel Programming:
Patterns for Efficient Computation
. Arch contributed type-based alias analysis and vectorization
support to Julia, including the original implementation of SIMD in Julia 0.3. He's used Julia to generate x86 assembly language for a Go
implementation of his video game Frequon Invaders. He also took 2nd place in AI Zimmermann's contest
"Delacorte Numbers" using Julia exclusively. He has 21 patents and an Erdös number of 3.