Dynamical Modeling in Julia
2019-07-23, 11:00–12:00, BoF: Room 353

A lot of people are building tooling for differential equation based models in Julia for various domains. DifferentialEquations.jl, DynamicalSystems.jl, PuMaS.jl, Modia.jl, QuantumOptics.jl, etc. and the list goes on. The purpose of this BoF is to gather the developers who are interested in this topic in order to learn about the priorities and gripes within the community in order to plan for the next developments.

Many different aspects of dynamical modeling in Julia have seen a recent boom in popularity. A lot of package development focus has been given to the tooling for simulating dynamical models, such as the differential equation solvers of DifferentialEquations.jl and the relevant underlying pieces like IterativeSolvers.jl and NLsolve.jl. In addition, a community of domain-specific modeling tools such as DynamicalSystems.jl, Modia.jl, PuMaS.jl, QuantumOptics.jl, and more than can be listed have all built their own user bases.

The purpose of this BoF is to gather the developers of these related tooling to discuss the current state of the ecosystem and develop plans and priorities for next steps. A quick overview of the package space and its recent developments will be given to frame the conversion, with most of the time dedicated to discussion. Possible topics include (but are not limited to) understanding the domains most in need of new and more performant solvers, the utilization of parallelism (multithreading, multiprocessing, and GPu), incorporating symbolic tooling such as ModelingToolkit.jl, and the commonalities of analysis tooling (such as parameter estimation, neural network integration, uncertainty propagation). We invite developers within the community to express their feedback and help guide our next moves within the package space.