Queryverse - Under the Hood
2019-07-24, 15:00–15:30, Elm B

This talk will give a brief overview of the Queryverse functionality and some new features that were added over the last year, and then dive deep into the internal design of Query.jl, TableTraits.jl and many other packages from the Queryverse.

This talk will start with a quick end-to-end data science example that exercises all parts of the Queryverse (file IO, data manipulation and plotting). I will then briefly introduce a number of new features that were added over the course of the last year (a native Queryverse table type, various new tabular query operators, some new UI tools and the fastest Julia CSV parsing). The bulk of the talk will center on the internal design of Queryverse. Topics will include the monadic design of Query.jl (inherited from LINQ) that allows us to easily bridge the tabular world with many other julia data structures, the design principles behind TableTraits.jl and how it manages to combine extreme simplicity with great performance, the underlying architecture in Query.jl that allows full query analysis, rewrites and optimization, and the engineering principles (in terms of backwards compatibility and testing infrastructure) that drive the Queryverse.