Keynote: Dr Steven Lee
2019-07-25, 13:30–14:15, NS Room 130

Steven Lee is an Applied Mathematics Program Manager for Advanced Scientific Computing
Research (ASCR) within the Department of Energy (DOE), Office of Science. Most recently, Steven and an organizing
committee issued a brochure and workshop report
on Scientific Machine Learning: Core Technologies for Artificial Intelligence.
He has also been an ASCR Program Manager within the Scientific Discovery through Advanced Computing program
(SciDAC-3 Institutes)
for the projects: FASTMATH
- Frameworks, Algorithms and Scalable Technologies for Mathematics; and
- Quantification of Uncertainty for Extreme-Scale Computations. Before joining the DOE, Steven was a
computational scientist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
He has also been a visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics at MIT. He has a Ph.D.
in Computer Science (UIUC) and B.S. in Applied Mathematics (Yale).