Poster Session
2019-07-24, 10:10–11:00, Other

The poster session will be held in room 349


  • "AMLET meets Julia" by Bastin, Fabian
  • "JuliaDB: solving the two language problem in analytical databases" by Shashi Gowda
  • "Mapping the Logic Item Domain with Julia" by Francis Smart
  • "OrthogonalPolynomials.jl - Optimal evaluation of orthogonal polynomials in ~ 100 lines of Julia" by Miguel Raz Guzmán Macedo
  • "Oceananigans.jl: fast, friendly, architecture-agnostic, high-performance ocean modeling" by Ali Ramadhan
  • "Parallel Scenario Decomposition of Stochastic Programming" by Kibaek Kim
  • "ARCH Models in Julia" by Simon Broda
  • "Myths, Legends, and Other Amazing Adventures in CSV Parsing" by Jacob Quinn
  • "Occasionally Binding Constraints in DSGE Models in Julia" by Vivaldo Mendes
  • "Time Series Analysis and Forecasting with Julia: Nonlinear Autoregressive vs Machine Learning Models" by Diana A. Mendes
  • "Julia applied in the Factory of the Future" by Thijs Van Hauwermeiren
  • "NLPeterman.jl: Language processing from the ground up in Julia" by Mihir Paradkar
  • "Materials.jl for crystal plasticity" by Ivan Yashchuk
  • "Markov Chain-Monte Carlo Methods for Linear Algebra using Julia v.1.0" by Oscar A. Esquivel-Flores
  • "Modelling environment for JuliaOpt" by Manuel Marin
  • "BuyLibre - Cooperative Libre Software Cost-Sharing" by Clark C. Evans
  • "StateSpaceModels.jl -- A Julia package for time-series analysis in a state-space framework" by Raphael Saavedra
  • "TileDB: a data management solution tailored for data scientists" by Jake Bolewski
  • "Growing Machine Learning Solutions on Kubernetes with Julia" by Patrick Barker
  • "Econometrics.jl for econometric analysis in Julia" by José Bayoán Santiago Calderón
  • "Bioequivalence Analysis in Julia using Bioequivalence.jl" by José Bayoán Santiago Calderón
  • "Tackling Stochastic Delay Problems in Julia" by Henrik Sykora
  • "Julia Web Apps with Mux.jl + Heroku" by Josh Day
  • "A New Approach of Genre-Based Similarity for User-UserCollaborative Filtering Recommender System" by Mahamudul Hasan
  • "Real Time Mapping of Epidemic Spread, predict with SIR, Neural Network in Julia" by Rahul Kulkarni

Info for presenters

(This matches the email you've all been sent)

We will have two poster sessions during the morning coffee breaks on Wednesday,
July 24 and Thursday, July 25 from 10:10AM to 11AM in room 349.
Please hang your poster in room 349 by 8:30AM on Wednesday and plan to present during both sessions.
If you are unable to present on both days, please let us know.

The poster boards provided will be landscape (3 feet by 4 feet)