Prototyping Visualizations for the Web with Vega and Julia
2019-07-23, 16:55–17:05, Elm A

The internet is a powerful medium for story telling in data science, but creating compelling, interactive graphics can be difficult. This talk will show how Vega (VegaLite.jl) and Julia can be used to prototype interactive visualizations, and then how those visualizations can be deployed to the web.

Using Julia and Vega to jumpstart development of interactive visualizations helps bridge the gap between analysis done on your laptop and publishing compelling results to the web. This talk will show how you can use the language, tools, and development environment you love with Julia and have web-ready interactive graphics ready to deploy. We'll highlight the use of DataVoyager.jl for data exploration, how to use DataVoyager plots to quick-start your visualizations in VegaLite.jl, adding interactivity to your visualizations, and finally how this translates to the web.