What's Bad About Julia
07-25, 09:30–10:00 (US/Eastern), NS Room 130

I'll describe some of the more fundamental issues in Julia today, as I see it, and how we can potentially solve them to get a better language.

As everyone knows, the problem with Julia is that it uses 1-based indexing! Well, of course that's not it, but are there any real problems? While there are any number of readily apparent issues involving performance,
missing functionality, and so on, those are being fixed every day. Subtler issues lurk beneath the surface. In this talk I will present some of the tricker, more hidden, and more fundamental problems involving the type system, object model, and core language generally --- things that keep me up at night. For example, did you know that Julia's types are not closed under intersection, but that it would be nice if they were? The good news is that these are all things I believe we can solve --- in time --- to make Julia a meaningfully better language.


Jeff is one of the creators of Julia, co-founding the project at MIT in 2009 and eventually receiving a Ph.D. related to the language in 2015. He continues to work on the compiler and system internals, while also working to expand Julia’s commercial reach as a co-founder of Julia Computing, Inc.

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