JuliaCon 2020 (times are in UTC)

Steel Truss Design using Julia Programming Language

Designing steel frame structures using the matrix method, often used in civil engineering lectures. But students often have difficulty when calculating matrices with larger dimensions along with the addition of degrees of freedom. Julia programming language is one of the new media used to design steel frame structures in Indonesia. only by using the available packages and the addition of some functions in Julia, can generate internal forces, deflection, and the steel profile design.

Designing building structure starts from calculating internal forces and displacement to determine the dimensions of structural elements. Finite element method based on matrix analysis is one method that can be used in analyzing structure. The problem in engineering education is the more complex the structure, the matrix more bigger and takes time to analyze. In this study, we will specifically discuss about Julia programming language as an open source software to analyze complex structure. Comparison with SAP2000 program will show that structure analysis with Julia programming language have same results and faster running speed. This proof will make Julia programming language begin to be used in civil engineering education in Indonesia. Currently, as many as 38 civil engineer students at University of Indonesia are designing various skeletal models using Julia Programming Language.

My name is Rahma Latifa Dewi. I was born on 14 August, 1997 in Jakarta, Indonesia. I'm the first child in a family of three. My father, Mr. Mugiyantoro is a teacher in senior high school. My mother, Mrs. Fidyastuti is a housewife.

I went to University of Indonesia, where I did my under graduate degree in Civil Engineer in 2015 until 2019. Since childhood, I was interested in exact. Derived from my Father, I also like to share my knowledge. Some of teaching experiences I have done since high school until now.

One of my teaching experiences in 2020 is teaching using Julia programming language. Started from the thesis topic that I worked on in 2018 together with my lecturer, Mr. Henki W. Ashadi. The title is Steel Truss Design using Julia Programming Language. The results of the thesis that I made are, structural analysis calculations such as internal forces, deflection, to the determination of steel profiles, just by using packages that have been available in Julia and several function.

My thesis can be used for learning in civil engineering lectures, especially for the calculation of steel frame structures. Currently, as many as 38 students are designing various skeletal models using my thesis in Julia. And I'm proud, my work can be useful for others.