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Julia for Structural Engineering

Structural analysis is an important branch knowledge for a civil engineer, to study the influence of all possible enviromental aspects such as winds, snow, earthquakes or even tsunami to the buildings. If the design covers these possible aspects above, it will determine the survival of the structure and people itself. For this purpose, the application of julia language in structure analysis will be shown, and compared to the result with the other available softwares.

Indonesia is one of country lie in equator consist of thousands islands which prone to many natural hazards such as floods, vulcanous eruptions, earthquakes, and recently tsunamis. Engineer must studies not only the effects of permanent or gravitational and life loads to the buildings but also, lateral loads which simulate the effect of winds and earthquakes loads. To fullfill these tasks, many analysis should be done to simulate different loads to the building to achieve the most economical, easy to construct, comfortable, building and following the safety index of building code.

The modern structural analysis will use joint coordinates, type of joints, member properties and distributions of applied loads to produce exact analysis in minutes. The result will specifies the force of all members, reactions and displacement of the joints of the members. Using stiffness matrix method, equilibrium equations is constructed in term of unknown joint displacement, and solved according to the loads applied.

Julia language is very suitable tool to be used for these kinds analysis. For common building, constructing the stiffness matrix and solving according to the compatibility condition, the computation will be needed a fraction of second compare to the available software written in fortran will solve it within seconds.

The others advantages of julia is "free", means all engineer can use and analyze their structures easily and finally, the society will get an economical, hazards resistant building.

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Name : Dr.-Ing. Henki Wibowo Ashadi
occupation : Lecture at universitas indonesia
born : 9 july, 1964
Adress : Civil Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering,
Universitas Indonesia
Kampus UI Depok, Depok 16424, Indonesia
Email : henki@eng.ui.ac.id; henki.wibowo@ui.ac.id; henki.ashadi@gmail.com