Gustavo Aroeira

PhD candidate in chemistry at the University of Georgia. Currently working at the Center for Computational Quantum Chemistry under supervision of Prof. Henry Schaefer.
I am originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil where I got my degree in chemistry. Upon realizing that I was not talented enough for lab work, I found a new passion in programming. Today my main interests are the development of wave function methods and their application in chemical problems.

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Fermi.jl: A modern design for quantum chemistry
Gustavo Aroeira

Fermi.jl is a quantum chemistry package for computation of many-electron wave functions for molecules. Many traditional packages written in C or Fortran exists, but the difficulty of inserting new implementations hinders the development of new methods. Fermi.jl is written completely in Julia and it is designed to be simple to read and maintain. Fermi.jl is aimed to serve as an efficient platform for methods development allowing the application of these on a wide variety of systems.