Evangelos Paradas

I am Evangelos Paradas from Thessaloniki, Greece. I am physicist, holding a PhD in Particle Physics. The trip into the algorithms' world, started during my PhD, as I was responsible for a few algorithms of the High Level trigger of the CMS experiment at CERN.
In this context, the algorithms were written in C++. After a few years I moved to the Netherlands, working at ASML as Algorithm Deployment architect.


Early adopters jumping the adoption chasm in a company
Jorge Alberto Vieyra Salas, Evangelos Paradas

Follow up on "The ups and downs of convincing to switch to Julia in a company" talk from JuliaCon 2020. Ramping up from early adopters and trying to jump the early adopters to wider adoption chasm.
Will be a summary of the last year attracting people inside ASML, convincing managers, fighting against infrastructure needs and informally training people.
I am aiming of having a combined with other people to give their own perspective.