Mauricio Montanares

I'm a bachelors student of Automation Engineering. I have experience working on embedded systems, Data analysis, Machine learning Topics and Wireless Communications. All of these topics in real world applications.

The last two years i was be a part of the Chilean Antarctic Scientific Expeditions, I collaborated with scientists of different nationalities and specialities in interdisciplinary works relatives to Antarctic Sciences.

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Julia managed sensor - actuator network for Antarctic studies
Mauricio Montanares, Krzysztof Herman

Our work presents a technological part of an interdisciplinary study carried out in cooperation with plant physiologists, which investigates Antarctic plants' response to the ongoing climate change. The project involves an active thermal system, which simulates the future growing conditions of the plants. The systems consist of more than 100 temperature/humidity sensors and 30 thermal actuators distributed in the field (vicinity of the “H. Arctowski Station, King George Island) as a CAN network.