Andrew Dolgert

Andrew Dolgert is a computational scientist at the University of Washington. He has been a high-performance computing consultant for many years, working on diverse projects such as parallelization of molecular dynamics, immersive visualization of fracture mechanics, provenance for the Large Hadron Collider, and time series analysis of the world's global health. His recent work is on continuous-time, discrete-event simulation and on testing of scientific code.

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Using optimization to make good guesses for test cases
Andrew Dolgert

Some applications seem untestable because they are slow to run, with too many options. One approach chooses tests carefully using an optimization algorithm to find the smallest set of tests that are likely to exercise all the parts of the code. In this talk, we introduce the UnitTestDesign.jl package for combinatorial testing and show how it integrates with Julia's test framework using Julia's system of artifacts and scratch spaces.