Andrea Neumayr

I am a PhD student and I've studied Mathematics. I am working with Julia since 2017. I'm a developer of a modeling and simulation environment of 3D-systems called Modia3D. Our Julia package is
I'm interested modeling and numerical analysis in general and I want to learn more about Julia.

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Modia – Modeling Multidomain Engineering Systems with Julia
Andrea Neumayr, Martin Otter, Hilding Elmqvist

Modia ( is a set of Julia packages for modeling and simulation of multidomain engineering systems (electrical, 3D mechanical, fluid, etc.). Status and plans of a largely redesigned version of Modia is presented consisting of a new syntax in pure Julia mixing equation with function based modeling (e.g. drive trains + 3D mechanics) and new transformation techniques in order that Modia models can be simulated with the ODE integrators of DifferentialEquations.jl.