Daniel Kool

I grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, but now I live in Ames, Iowa. Both are great places to live, but I hope to move closer to GR eventually. I first became truly interested in science in high school chemistry class. Later, I found organic chemistry to be the most fun, and this interest spread to biochemistry and math (BS double major). I decided to continue my exploration and get an MS in chemistry, during which I studied a family of DNA polymerases that are recruited to replicate past lesions in the DNA. After that, I still wanted more time to study, so here I am at Iowa State in a great bioinformatics and computational biology PhD program. I want my life to be about exploration of STEM, and my favorite set of tools is Julia.

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Composite Interfaces for Bioinformatics
Daniel Kool

There are plenty of user interface elements for bioinformatics available on the web, but most of them are dispersed and written in JavaScript. With Julia, we can adapt and augment these elements to make interfaces that are more relevant to user projects, have denser information, can be run/tweaked locally, and create new connections between data.