Jasmine Hughes

Jasmine is the Director of Data Science at InsightRX, a precision medicine company. She writes software and develops models to help pharmacists tailor medications to their patients. Jasmine received her PhD in Bioengineering from the University of California, Berkeley. Her thesis was about the interplay between growth factors and mechanical cues in the progression of brain cancer. She also teaches introductory programming workshops.

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Jumping into the Julia Community via Advent Of Code
Jasmine Hughes

Learning a new language is a lot of fun when it comes with reindeer and peer support! Every December, thousands of developers take part in Advent of Code (AoC), a free, elf-themed series of 25 daily programming puzzles. These challenges ramp up in difficulty over the month, making it a great opportunity to try out Julia. The most valuable resource for learning and for developing confidence is the Julia AoC community on Twitter and Zulip, a welcoming space to explore the richness of the language.