Nicki Cartlidge

My coding and musical lives began early, starting piano lessons at the age of 4 and computing with the advent of the ZX80! After an undergrad Masters degree in Electronic Engineering Science and a 20+ year career in Software Testing, I recently completed a Masters of Applied Data Science at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. I had the opportunity to bring together my love of data, computing and music to explore Sonification for my degree project and I hope to build on it beginning work on a PhD later this year.
Although experienced in software engineering, I am new to Julia and keen to contribute to the friendly, supportive, growing community.


Sonification: Exploring streaming data using live music coding
Nicki Cartlidge

Hooks is a new package exploring Sonification (representing data as audio) using Julia and Pluto integrated with SuperCollider, processing streaming data to create music using live music coding techniques. The presentation also includes brief observations as a first-time Julia coder.