Bart Janssens

Bart Janssens is a military associate professor at the mechanics department of the Royal Military Academy, with a passion for computer graphics, high performance computing and fluid mechanics. For performance reasons, he used C++ until being introduced to Julia. His current work focuses on making scientific C++ libraries such as Trilinos interoperate with Julia, in order to port existing CFD code to Julia. He also uses JupyterLab and Pluto in his engineering (thermodynamics and gas turbines mostly) courses.

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Build your own fast, multi-user Jupyter and Pluto server
Bart Janssens

The Jupyter and Julia communities provide all the tools required to set up a custom multi-user notebook server, configured exactly as needed for e.g. students to do coursework in Julia without the hassle of maintaining their own individual installations. In this short tutorial you will learn how to set up such a server, building up from a clean Debian installation towards a fully configured JupyterHub capable of running Jupyter and Pluto notebooks with a custom system image for speed.