Max Horn

Since April 2020 I am full professor for Algorithmic Algebra and Geometry at TU Kaiserslautern, Germany. My research focuses on computer algebra, group theory and algebraic Lie theory.

Besides being one of the principal investigators on the grant behind OSCAR, and one of its developers, I am also core developer of the GAP computer algebra system for computational group theory.

Outside of mathematics, I've been involved in many open source projects over the past decades; e.g. in the distant past, I served as project leader for ScummVM as well as the Fink project, and contributed to TeXShop.

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The OSCAR Computer Algebra System
Max Horn, Claus Fieker

We present OSCAR, an Open Source Computer Algebra Research system for abstract algebra, algebraic geometry, group theory, number theory, and more. It joins existing world class systems under a common Julia interface in the Oscar.jl package. Applications exist well beyond pure mathematics (e.g. in coding theory, cryptography, robotics, ...).

We give an overview of existing and planned capabilities. We also discuss what sets us apart from Symbolics.jl.