Ayan Biswas

Ayan Biswas is a scientist in the Data Science at Scale team (CCS-3) at Los Alamos National Laboratory. His research interests include exascale data analysis and reduction, in situ workflows, uncertainty quantification, statistical analysis/inference and high-dimensional data visualization. He also has vast experience in working with vector fields and information theory applications for visualization and analysis. He received his PhD in Data Visualization from The Ohio State University in 2016. Contact him at ayan@lanl.gov.

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In-Situ Inference for Exascale Simulations with Julia
Ayan Biswas, Earl Lawrence

Exascale simulations, like those of interest to the Department of Energy, will produce more data than can be stored for post hoc statistical analysis. To address this, we are using Julia as an HPC-embedded language to develop workflows for statistical analysis inside simulations as they run. Our project, PRISM, is being developed to fit Bayesian hierarchical models to answer scientific questions using the high resolution data that will be produced on the next generation of supercomputers.