Russell Bent

Russell Bent (Ph.D.) is a scientist in the Applied Mathematics and Plasma Physics Group (T-
5), where he leads LANL’s inter-organizational Advanced Network Sciences Initiative (ANSI).
ANSI is an interdisciplinary initiative that enables fundamental and applied research to
address long-term challenges in critical infrastructure design, operation, and security. Dr.
Bent is the principal investigator for several DOE projects in critical infrastructure systems
research and development that focus on improving robustness of infrastructure systems to
extreme events, increasing resilience of distribution networks, modeling interdependencies
between systems, managing disasters that impact critical infrastructure, modeling smart
grid technologies, and developing methods for mixed-integer, non-linear optimization. He is
also the lead developer for the software Alpine, A Global Solver for Nonconvex MINLPS and
the software GasModels.jl, a toolbox for modeling natural gas systems. He is the author of
one book, Online Stochastic Combinatorial Optimization, and over 100 peer reviewed
journal and conference publications.


Gasmodels,jl: Optimization for Natural Gas Systems in Julia
Russell Bent

We discuss GasModels.jl , a Julia package for Steady-State and Transient Gas Network Optimization. It is designed to enable computational evaluation of emerging gas network formulations and algorithms in a common platform. The code decouples problem specifications (e.g. gas flow, expansion planning, economic objectives, etc.) from network formulations. We discuss different formulations, computational performance, and how such models are used to address such problems.