Jean-François BAFFIER (azzaare@github)

Jean-François Baffier is an academic researcher at the RIKEN Center for Advanced Intelligence Project (AIP), and a consultant in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Science, Data Structures, and Algorithms. As an academic, he gives back to society through fundamental research in computer science supplemented by open source libraries and softwares.
His current research project involves the study of the “Analysis of information networks,” the “Smart compression for high-scalability of data structures,” and “Explainable Artificial Intelligence.” Other topic of interest covers modeling of failures and routing in Networks, Game Analysis, and AI for Games.


Put some constraints into your life with JuliaCon(straints)
Jean-François BAFFIER (azzaare@github)

The freshly born JuliaConstraints GitHub organization provides a combination of packages around the theme of Constraint Programming and Combinatorial Optimization.
This talk introduces the whole ecosystem of JuliaConstraints packages and its main dependencies. It focuses on the LocalSearchSolvers.jl framework (and CBLS.jl, its interface with JuMP) for Constraint-Based Local Search. We also cover the utility packages that we hope to share with the Julia and Constraint Programming communities.