Marco Bonici

I am a PhD Student at Università degli Studi di Genova. I am a memeber of the Euclid Consortium. Euclid is a space-based mission which will map the galaxy distribution in order to study the nature and origin of Dark Energy and Dark Matter. In the consortium, I am active in the developement of tools used to analyze data and perform cosmological analysis.

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Speeding up cosmological data analysis with Julia
Marco Bonici

In the next few years, upcoming cosmological survey are going to produce a large amount of data. In order to extract as much information as possible, we need adequate software tools to analyze data. I translated my Python3 code, that I use to predict cosmological observable, in Julia. After a month of work, with no previous Julia exposure, I obtained a speed up of about 20. Now I am looking further to extend my Julia code and to apply extensively it in my research.