Francesco Calisto

I am in the second year of the Bachelor Degree in Physics at the University of Turin. I am mainly interested in the theoretical and mathematical aspects of physics. I also conduct research in machine learning, with a particular interest towards the connection between machine learning and physics. Recently I have worked in the field of Scientific Machine Learning using Julia libraries, such as NeuralPDE.jl.

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Physics-Informed ML Simulator for Wildfire Propagation
Francesco Calisto, Simone Azeglio, Valerio Pagliarino, Luca Bottero

The aim of this work is to evaluate the feasibility of re-implementing some key parts of the widely used Weather Research and Forecasting WRF-SFIRE simulator by replacing its core differential equations numerical solvers with state-of-the-art physics-informed machine learning techniques to solve ODEs and PDEs implemented in Julia, in order to transform it into a real-time simulator for wildfire spread prediction.