Juan M Requena-Mullor

I am a quantitative ecologist currently working as a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Michigan. My research is focused on using quantitative methods and scientific programming to move forward in our understanding of how species, ecological, and ecosystem processes are affected by Global Change. I am particularly interested in encouraging the use of Julia language for ecological research and to this end, I am developing programming resources for ecologists. Some examples can be found at my GitHub repository (https://github.com/jmrmcode).


Modeling species co-occurrence with Turing.jl
Juan M Requena-Mullor

Modeling the co-occurrence of multiple species is a commonly used tool in biodiversity conservation. We present a Julia-based version of an existing multispecies occupancy model. Benchmark results show a substantial reduction in running time when fitting the co-occurrence of four carnivore species using Turing.jl compared with the one yielded by Stan. We encourage ecologists to use Julia for probabilistic models in order to improve the scalability of ecological science.