Shahriar Iravanian

Shahriar Iravanian, MD, MSE, is a practicing cardiac electrophysiologist and biophysical researcher with an interest in non-linear dynamics and high-performance computing with a focus on the modeling of cardiac arrhythmias. He received a Master of Science in computer science from Johns Hopkins University and finished his cardiology and electrophysiology training at the Emory University in 2011.

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Systems Biology in ModelingToolkit
Anand Jain, Shahriar Iravanian, Paul Lang

Systems Biology Markup Language (SBML) and CellML are extensible markup languages (XML) widely used throughout the biological modeling community. In this talk we showcase new packages (SBML.jl and CellMLToolkit.jl) for importing models from these languages to the ModelingToolkit.jl format for the full suite of SciML tools to simulate and analyze!