Guilherme Gomes Haetinger

I am a Computer Science student at the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul. My interests hop around the fields of Operating Systems, Algorithm Design, Computer Graphics and Image Processing. Currently, I am working as a Back End Development intern at DeepX , using Elixir and Rust. I've been using Julia for a couple of years in order to get fast image processing results with easy-on-the-eyes code.


DesignByContract.jl: Enforcing interfaces between functions
Guilherme Gomes Haetinger

The Julia programming language has been evolving in many complex scientific fields. The rising adhesion of the language is a great opportunity to make Julia production-suitable. As an additional endeavor, I present a Design By Contract interface built entirely in Julia using its many features for Metaprogramming. My work takes the praised method of defining contracts to enforce interfacing between methods from Eiffel and hopes to extend it to different structures available in Julia.