Tim DuBois

Head of Scientific Computing at Cervest, working on Climate Intelligence solutions which quantify climate risk on a per-asset level, globally.

PhD in Physics from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia; focusing on defects in the Josephson junctions of superconducting phase-qubits. Followed up by a postdoctoral position at Chalmers University in Gothenburg, Sweden investigating high energy laser-plasma interactions and fusion energy. More recently a researcher at the Stockholm Resilience Centre, with research areas concerning Planetary Boundaries, global climate-economy models, social ecological systems and other Earth system sciences.

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Agents.jl and the next chapter in agent based modelling
Tim DuBois

Complex dynamical systems are comprised of many interacting sub-systems that couple together through multiple, varying (and many times non-linear) processes: creating emergent system properties as a consequence. Agents.jl provides a framework to work with such dynamics, through a bottom-up approach known as Agent Based Modelling. This talk provides an overview of the package, and discusses how the greater Julia ecosystem may provide the next paradigm shift in this well established research area.