Andy Ferris

I first used Julia to perform research during postdocs in quantum simulation, before using it in industry with a team working on various geospatial applications. Nowadays we use Julia at ELARA AI to simulate, analyze and optimize real-world businesses. I have contributed packages including StaticArrays, CoordinateTransformations, Rotations, TypedTables, SplitApplyCombine, AcceleratedArrays and Dictionaries.


Dictionaries.jl - for improved productivity and performance
Andy Ferris

Dictionaries.jl presents an alternative interface for dictionaries in Julia, for improved productivity and performance. During this talk we'll learn how to use Julia's data manipulation tools (such as indexing, broadcasting, map, filter, reduce, etc) with dictionaries and explore some implementation decisions made in this package. We will end with applications, including recent work on tabular data with primary and/or grouping keys.