Tom Kwong

Tom Kwong is an experienced software engineer with over 28 years of industry programming experience. He has spent the majority of his career in the financial services industry. His expertise includes software architecture, design and development. In 2017, he discovered the Julia language and started working on several open-source projects such as SASLib.jl, BinaryTraits.jl and ContextTracking.jl. He has an MS Computer Science degree from University of California, Santa Barbara. He currently works at Facebook.


HoJBot: a community-driven Discord bot
Tom Kwong

Discord is a popular online chat platform that initially appeals to gamers and younger generations but has grown in scope significantly recently. The Humans-of-Julia is a Discord community server founded during the fall last year. The community started building a chatbot called HoJBot in March 2021. This poster will cover some background information, our motivation and the bot’s functionalities