Julia Admittance: A Toolbox for Admittance Extraction
2021-07-29, 16:50–17:00 (UTC), Red

For power grid operators, wind farms and solar farms are black boxes since details of inverter technologies, the main component of renewables, are proprietary info. Then, how can a grid operator assess a power grid's stability? We aim to design a toolbox to address this challenge. Julia Admittance will process experiment data and come up with admittance models for wind, solar, etc. With admittance models available, eigenvalues of the system will be computed to assess system stability.

Lingling Fan is a full professor at University of South Florida, working on the following research areas: control, dynamics, optimization, and system identification of power systems, power electronics and electric machines. Her recent research interests include mechanism analysis of various dynamics seen in real world (wind farm oscillations, solar PV tripping), computing, and programming with Julia.