LatticeQCD.jl: Simulation of quantum gauge fields
07-29, 13:20–13:30 (UTC), Red

We present our code (LatticeQCD.jl) for quantum chromo-dynamics (QCD), which describes microscopic world inside of nucleons.
QCD calculation has been implemented by Fortran and C++ on supercomputers or GPU clusters because it requires huge numerical resource, i.g. Monte-Carlo with inversions of matrices with 10^16 x 10^16, and has been succeeded to calculate crucial numbers used in experiments. We implemented a code for QCD in Julia, which achieves compatible speed with a Fortran code.

I got PhD in 2015 about physics, particle physics, in Osaka university in Japan. From June 2021, I am a faculty member of International Professional University of Technology in Osaka in Japan. September 2018 - May 2021, a postdoc in Riken Brookhaven research center in the USA. October 2015 - August 2018, a postdoc in central china normal university in China. I am interested in application of machine learning on lattice QCD and physics. I published a book "Deep Learning and Physics" from springer.

Ph.D. Senior Scientist, Japan Atomic Enegy Agency