ZXCalculus.jl: A Julia package for the ZX-calculus
2021-07-29, 13:20–13:30 (UTC), Blue

The ZX-calculus is a graphical language for representing and reasoning about quantum information. ZXCalculus.jl is a high-performance package for creating, manipulating, and visualizing ZX-diagrams in Julia. Comparing with a previous Python implementation PyZX, ZXCalculus.jl has 6-50x speed-ups on various tasks of simplifying ZX-diagrams. Moreover, this package is integrated with YaoCompiler.jl and works as a circuit simplification pass in the quantum compiler.

The repository of ZXCalculus.jl is available on GitHub: ZXCalculus.jl

For a brief introduction to this package, please refer to this blog post.

For more details about the ZX-calculus, please check this website.

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