Actors.jl: Concurrent Computing with the Actor Model
2021-07-30, 13:30–13:40 (UTC), Blue

Actors implements the Actor Model of concurrent computation. Actors
- interact via messages,
- represent computations and
- can create other actors.

Programmers can use actors to
- model computational concepts: e.g. atomic blocks, event handlers, state machines,
- implement concurrent objects such as servers, supervisors, firewalls and to
- compose them into an application.

Actors allows to write fault-tolerant Julia applications and make concurrency easier to understand.

Give an overview of Actors' philosophy and functionality and how it integrates into Julia's multi-threading and distributed computing.

Demonstrate how to

  • spawn actors with arbitrary Julia functions as behaviors,
  • send them messages and get back results,
  • make them interact,
  • supervise them and to
  • integrate them with tasks and distributed processes.

Profession: Mechanical engineer
Location: Germany, Landshut