FlowAtlas.jl: interactive exploration of phenotypes in cytometry
2021-07-29, 13:00–13:10 (UTC), Purple

I will present an interactive web app for exploring phenotypes in flow cytometry data. In particular a multi-tissue, high-dimensional, immune cell dataset. This tool bridges computational methods in GigaSOM.jl and the popular FlowJo, used to annotate cells with gating strategies. By leveraging the geospatial mapping library OpenLayers to render, annotate and analyze cells, immunologists can now efficiently navigate the phenotype space of Human Cell Atlas datasets.

This project demonstrates how combining OpenLayers, D3 and GigaSOM.jl using JSServe.jl allowed us to create interactive clustering and visualisation tools for really large cytometry data. We want to continue lowering the entry barrier for experimental biologists to use computational tools.

This talk should be interesting to people from bioinformatics, immunology, machine learning and web development. Special thanks go to the lovely people involved in GigaSOM.jl for the helpful discussions

Russian/Hungarian biophysics and machine learning PhD student at King's College London, collaborating with Microsoft Research Cambridge. Born in Vienna. Wanted to become an actor but luckily landed in research