Discussing Gender Diversity in the Julia Community
2021-07-30, 19:00–20:30 (UTC), BoF/Mini Track

Julia Gender Inclusive is an initiative that came to life from a focus group that has been working on diversity in the Julia community for the last year. We are a group of people whose gender is underrepresented in the community and aim at providing a supportive space for all gender minorities in the Julia community. Through a BoF session we wish to discuss what we are doing and what we hope to do in the future with other people whose gender is underrepresented or allies willing to support us.

The objective of this talk is to find more people who feel their gender is underrepresented within the Julia community or want to support people who feel so. We aim at creating a safe and fruitful discussion about gender diversity and new actions we can take from Julia Gender Inclusive.

Xuan (Sh-YEN, IPA: ɕɥɛn) is a PhD student at MIT in the Computational Cognitive Science and Probabilistic Computing research groups. Their current research focuses on inferring the hidden structure of human motivations by modeling agents as probabilistic programs, in the hope of aligning AI with the higher-order goals, values, and principles that humans strive (in part) to live by.

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I am a PhD student in Computational Mechanics at Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden), where I use Julia for doing Finite Element simulations.

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Mathematics undergraduate student and Economics graduate. I love playing computational statistics using Julia.