Release management - lessons learned in JuliaData ecosystem
07-29, 16:30–17:00 (UTC), Blue

Registering a new release for your package is always a great moment. However, there are several challenges related with release management. In this talk, using the experience from JuliaData ecosystem, I will discuss the major things to consider if you want to keep your users happy.

In this talk I will discuss:
1. How we manage development and patch branches in DataFrames.jl.
2. Why users might not be able to install the latest version of your package and why installing it might downgrade other packages.
3. How to coordinate releases of closely coupled packages.
4. Why having interface packages like DataAPI.jl and Tables.jl is useful.

See also: Presentation slides (538.4 KB)

I am a researcher in the fields of operations research and computational social science.
For development I use the Julia language. I currently mostly contribute to DataFrames.jl and related packages.

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