A Tool for Julia Bloggers

A tool is demonstrated that generates static web pages from a Jupyter notebook. The web page is both higher in fidelity and smaller in character count than that produced by Jupyter's "export" function. The resulting static page is used to create blog posts for the "Red White and Julia" blog on Blogger.com.

After creating more than 60 Jupyter notebooks using Julia, it dawned on me to post static versions of these notebooks on a blog. Then the weeping and gnashing of teeth started, for the static pages generated by Jupyter's "export" function have extremely high character counts, the code cells are missing line numbers, and etc.

A custom exporter tool was written to fix this. This tool generates HTML files that can almost be immediately moved to the "Red White and Julia" blog at https://red-white-and-julia.blogspot.com/

The features of Jupyter notebooks that are successfully exported by this tool include markdown, LaTeX, code cells, and some types of charts. All this will be demonstrated, along with a complete Jupyter to Blogger workflow.

The presentation will conclude by enumerating some planned features for this tool as well as plans for making it widely available.