BellScenario.jl - Computing Quantum Nonlocalty

Quantum nonlocality is a puzzling phenomenon of the physical world that has technological advantages in distributed information processing and security. BellScenario.jl is an open-source package designed to help understand nonlocality and its advantages. It combines Polyhedra.jl and Convex.jl with state of the art polyhedral decomposition and optimization techniques. This poster will cover how Julia is leveraged to solve the computational problems behind nonlocality.

Quantum nonlocality is one of the most puzzling phenomena of the physical world. Physicists such as Albert Einstein were deeply unsettled by the quantum mechanical prediction that distant regions of spacetime can be correlated beyond what is physically allowed by causality and determinism. In recent years, the existence of quantum nonlocality has been proven beyond reasonable doubt, and a myriad of technological advantages in information security and distributed computation result from this fascinating physical phenomenon.

To help understand quantum nonlocality and harness its technological advantages, I’ve developed the BellScenario.jl package. This open-source Julia package computes the bounds of classical physics, and more importantly, establishes the quantum parameters at which nonlocality arises. The computational task at hand is daunting, however, the Julia ecosystem facilitates the amalgamation of disparate computational tools allowing meaningful results to be procured. More specifically, BellScenario.jl brings together the polyhedral computations of Polyhedra.jl, the convex optimization of Convex.jl and JuMP.jl, and state of the art techniques for polyhedral decomposition and quantum optimization. A possibility which is easily realized within the Julia ecosystem.

In this talk, I will cover the basics of quantum nonlocality, its applications, and the computational problems involved. Then, I will present how I leverage the Julia ecosystem to make this quantum nonlocality research tangible, transparent, and reproducible. In a broader scope, BellScenario.jl serves as an essential component of a rapidly developing ecosystem of Julia tools geared towards quantum information. This talk will be of interest to the growing number of quantum information researchers, and its foundational concepts will entertain any scientific thinker with an ear towards quantum quandaries and their philosophical implications.