Musical Julia

Why would a 6th grader like myself learn about Julia? I had heard of a language called Julia and started programming in Julia with the help of an amazing book called the "Little Book of Julia Algorithms". Programming in Julia was great fun and made me perceive things from a coding point of view and I want to share my experiences as I begin my journey in Julia with my first project-A Musical Note Convertor.

I used to do pictorial block programming in languages like Scratch. But these pictorial blocks were quite basic, and though they could enable me to do quite a lot, I preferred to try to make my own things, some of which were beyond the blocks given in Scratch.

Programming in Julia was great fun and made me perceive things from a coding point of view. I also used the Math I had learned from school to program simple things like a calculator, and I started thinking about how I could use Julia to change or improve some aspects of human life or just make things easier. I’m very fond of music and had been taught both the Western notation and the Indian Classical ones. However, my mother was having trouble deciphering the western notes, since she had been only trained in Indian Classical Music.

Then the idea hit me. What if I could use Julia to create a Musical Note converter? If I entered the notes of a song, it could translate it into western or Indian Classical Music, according to the user’s need. I then made a simple if-loop program which converts a single note. Now, I plan to work on this idea further. It will be a bit of a challenge but I’m excited to do it. To conclude, there are limitless possibilities of things I want to do and create in Julia, and it’s really quite interesting to learn. I know this idea seems quite simple, and will be in front of all the other Julia Con submissions. But I’d really love to come ahead and share my experience on Julia Con.

I would love to talk about Julia and my wonderful experience so far. I also hope I’ll have many more in the future.