A new OpenStreetMap interface: LightOSM.jl

LightOSM.jl is a package for downloading, processing and analysing OpenStreetMap geospatial data. This talk explores its key features and how it can be used for transport simulation, route finding, map querying and map visualisation. We discuss how LightOSM.jl is differentiated from other packages by its fast path-finding, custom edge weighting, turn restriction implementation, improved user interface, kd-tree implementation for querying nearest nodes and ability to download building polygons.

Visit the official GitHub page for more information: https://github.com/DeloitteDigitalAPAC/LightOSM.jl

See the shortest path finding algorithm benchmarks for a comprehensive comparison against other packages: https://deloittedigitalapac.github.io/LightOSM.jl/notebooks/benchmarks/

Try the tutorial for LightOSM.jl to learn about its features and the visualisations it can produce: https://deloittedigitalapac.github.io/LightOSM.jl/notebooks/tutorial/