Sonification: Exploring streaming data using live music coding

Hooks is a new package exploring Sonification (representing data as audio) using Julia and Pluto integrated with SuperCollider, processing streaming data to create music using live music coding techniques. The presentation also includes brief observations as a first-time Julia coder.

Sonification is an exciting field exploring how data can be represented as audio, using advantages afforded by the sense of hearing to enhance our sensory perception of the data.
The presentation will introduce “Hooks”, a package using live music coding techniques to process streaming data and represent both raw data and statistical analysis metrics as music. It uses Julia integrated with the SuperCollider synthesis engine and takes advantage of the interactivity and reactivity of the Pluto notebook.
Hooks began as a Masters degree project; one of the aims of presenting at JuliaCon is to spread awareness and engage anybody interested in collaboration to help solve some of the technical challenges to take the package from its current proof-of-concept stage to a fully-fledged application.
As a newcomer to the Julia language and this community, this presentation will also cover a couple of brief notes about the author’s first-time experiences with Julia and Pluto.