SpaceLiDAR.jl: Processing ICESat-2 & GEDI satellite LiDAR data

We present the first toolbox for both ICESat-2 and GEDI satellite LiDAR data as a Julia package.
ICESat-2 and GEDI are two NASA missions launched at the end of 2018.
The GEDI full waveform LiDAR is attached to the ISS and investigates vertical forest structure.
ICESat-2's ATLAS instrument is a discrete LiDAR system in a polar orbit and investigates ice sheets.

SpaceLiDAR.jl can search for, download, convert and analyze datasets produced by both missions, specifically the L2A product of GEDI and the ATL03 and ATL08 of ICESat-2, which are the first geolocated products.
Furthermore, it can derive points, linestrings, interpolate rasters and store them, making use of the Julia ecosystem, including the recent GeoDataFrames.jl, a spatially enabled Tables interface. This package and Julia in general enable us to do our research into global elevation models.