Early adopters jumping the adoption chasm in a company

Follow up on "The ups and downs of convincing to switch to Julia in a company" talk from JuliaCon 2020. Ramping up from early adopters and trying to jump the early adopters to wider adoption chasm.
Will be a summary of the last year attracting people inside ASML, convincing managers, fighting against infrastructure needs and informally training people.
I am aiming of having a combined with other people to give their own perspective.

ASML is company in the Netherlands which is the world leader on photo-lithographic system which are crucial for semi-conductor manufacture. For many years its engineers have been using MATLAB to develop hardware and algorithms that are usually rewritten in C/C++ on the main photo-lithography systems. This is the well known two-language problem and for mission critical systems this has been accepted for long time.

For several years ASML has been expanding its market to Analytics and Software for process optimization for which the two-language problem seems to be a little less forgiving than for hardware because time to market is a larger driving force.

For this Julia seems to be a natural candidate to solve the problem. However as this talk will show it is hard to convince "normal" engineers to switch from their trusted tried and truth tools. Moreover, it's even harder to convince them to switch to a relatively unknown/unfamiliar language than a more mainstream like python ... even when it's not the right tool for the job. Which makes things even more difficult is that managers also have a say on this and most think that this is just a fad.

This presentation will give an overview of common reactions, comments and attitudes, and hopefully a guide on how to work around them.

Follow up on last year talk updating on how people have responded regarding Julia as well as technical challenges encountered.