JuliaCon 2023

Torsten Schenkel

Torsten Schenkel is a theoretical engineer. He is Associate Professor for Continuum Mechanics at Sheffield Hallam University.

With a background in aerospace engineering, Torsten's research is focused on biomedical problems, mostly concerning numerical modelling of the cardio-vascular system. Models range from 3-dimensional heart models to time-resolved 3d-flows in atherosclerotic vessels to 0D-lumped models of the whole circulatory system. Having started scientific programming with Fortran77, he now feels like he has come home with Julia.


Hands on lumped parameter models with CirculatorySystemModels.jl
Torsten Schenkel, Harry Saxton

Come and help us circulate the love for lumped parameter modelling with CirculatorySystemModels.jl, a fast, friendly, flexible and functional circulatory modelling framework. In this workshop participants will be helped to run and analyze a lumped parameter model, embodying the statement "if you can draw it you can model it". We will guide users through the specifics of how they can then begin to develop their own advanced features utilizing the dependent package ModelingToolkit.jl.

32-D463 (Star)
Julia Systems Biology
Anand Jain, Paul Lang, Torsten Schenkel, Harry Saxton

Julia has had the most developed ecosystem for differential equation modeling in simulation through the SciML organization for a while. Here we present a collection of talks by computational systems biologists in the community. The focus of the symposium will be to look at how SciML tools are being used in systems biology, how they can improve, and how we can take steps to increase collaboration throughout industry and academia.

32-G449 (Kiva)