JuliaCon 2023

Lessons learned while working as a technical writer at FluxML
07-26, 10:45–10:48 (US/Eastern), Online talks and posters

Working as a technical writer at FluxML for the past six months has taught me some tips and tricks for writing and maintaining user-centric documentation. Documentation not only requires writing clear and concise content but also building infrastructures, testing, and a lot of discussions. This talk takes all the lessons I learned (myself and through FluxML maintainers) in the past six months and condenses it into 3 minutes!

This short talk will explain why working on documentation is not just writing content. We will walk through design ideas, implementations, user feedback, as well as failures. We will discuss how to write clear and maintainable documentation for users and how to make the documentation development process seamless for developers. As a final goal, this talk aims to enhance a user's journey through reading documentation and a developer's journey through developing documentation.

See also: Slides for the talk

Saransh is an engineering junior at the Cluster Innovation Center, University of Delhi, pursuing a major in Information Technology and Mathematics. In daylight, he works on his academic skills and professional commitments, and by night, he develops and maintains Open-Source Research Software, which he believes are the key to collaborative and reproducible research.