JuliaCon 2023

An opinionated, but configurable, GitLab CI process for Julia
07-28, 16:00–16:10 (US/Eastern), 32-144

As an alternative code-hosting/project management platform, GitLab is not as well supported within the Julia community. This talk presents a GitLab CI process for Julia aiming to change this, making it easier for those using GitLab as their preferred platform to build and ship Julia-based software.

The Julia community is very GitHub-centric, i.e. the majority of Julia package development happens on the platform. Hence, various solutions for CI have been created by the community for the platform.

As an alternative platform, GitLab has not seen as much use, and hence support, from the Julia community. However, the platform can, and is, used for Julia development by various people and organizations. It is typically chosen because of its excellent feature set and the ability to host private instances, with limited capabilities, for free.

The Ethima organization provides opinionated, composable, and reusable CI processes for GitLab. It even provides one for Julia! In this talk, you will learn how to get set up (it doesn't take much), what functionality the process provides you with, how it can be extended and fine-tuned to your needs, and how to contribute.

Joris is driven by a need for automation and to make things easier for himself, typically while first making them harder. He has been creating CI processes for Julia (and other languages) for as long as he has been programming in Julia (which has been a while), primarily for GitLab, but also for other platforms such as GitHub and Buildkite. He has also been building web-based Julia applications for the same amount of time, trying to find more efficient ways of building those at every step.

Joris is the technical team lead for the JuliaSim product and applications team.

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